I’ve been working on a prototype for a large clock I want to make.  This clock will feature 6.5inch digits for the Hours, Minutes & Seconds and will feature 4inch tall displays for the Month & Day readout.  Being as I am going to hang this clock up at work, It will likely be high up on the wall and out of reach.  So when I started thinking about how to program this clock, I thought wireless would be the perfect solution.  With the xbee radios from digi being so cheap and easy to implement this seemed like the perfect fit.  I then started thinking about how else I could pimp this thing out and I thought it would be nice to have a remote viewer on the “clock setting device”.  This screen will display real time information being fed from the clock on the wall as well as have intuitive menus for setting it.

To realize all of this,  I wanted to proof out as much of my code as possible on the small scale before implementing it on the final design.  Besides,  I need to wait for some of the circuit boards I designed for this to come in from China (about 4-6 weeks).

Here are a few pics of the small scale prototype, work in progress.

Here is a youtube video showing an overview of the project…

YouTube Preview Image